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The French Horn Collective is an energetic and progressive band that performs an eclectic variety of Gypsy Jazz, Swing, and modern original French music throughout South Florida. Led by Parisian Musician, multi-instrumentalist, composer, singer and songwriter Vincent Raffard, the diverse group consists of anywhere from 3 to 8 highly talented musicians from a myriad of musical backgrounds, with instrumentation including Trumpet, Guitar, Violin, Double Bass, Clarinet, and Vocals.

The French Horn Collective's wide variety of musical influences, ranging from Gypsy Jazz, Hot Swing, Ska, to Polka, result in the band producing a smooth mixture of progressive Gypsy/Parisian/Swing/World Music. 

The French Horn Collective has just released a new album! "The French Horn Collective: Hot Club of Miami". Full of exciting Gypsy Jazz and Swing tunes along with classic French songs, the "Hot Club of Miami" represents the Gypsy chapter of the French Horn. "Hot Club of Miami" is available for purchase NOW!

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The French Horn Collective can be seen and heard performing live most every night within South Florida. They perform in a wide range of settings, ranging from big stages, festivals, restaurants, bars, private parties, radio shows, corporate affairs, to even burlesque shows!

The group's instrumentation consists of anywhere from a small trio to 6 musicians or more.

The French Horn Collective is available to spice up any event!

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